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PAT Tester hire, we have a wide range of portable appliance testers at low weekly hire rates. All hire PAT testers have been calibrated and we can offer models like the Seaward Supernova, Europa plus, Primetest 100 and also Robin SmartPATS from the easy to SmartPAT 3000 to the top of the range Robin SmartPAT 5500 with floppy disc drive, Megger PAT32 and the Megger PAT DV/3 PAT tester                            . Please phone to check on availability.

Seaward Primetest 100: WEEKLY HIRE RATE £ 59.00

A popular and simple to use and fast portable electrical appliance tester to hire. It can test Class 1 earthed and Class 2 (double insulated) appliances.  This battery powered hire PAT tester displays the test readings and also indicates a pass or fail indication. The unit comes with rechargeable batteries and charger and 700 FREE PAT Testing labels for your appliances. 

hire megger pat testerMegger PAT 32: WEEKLY HIRE RATE £ 59.00

A simple to use and fast portable electrical appliance tester to hire. It can test Class 1 and Class 2 (double insulated) appliances and has 2 sockets to enable testing of 230V and 115V items. Simple manual push button selection of tests and a clear display of measured PAT test results.

hire robin pat testersRobin SmartPAT 3000 & Smart PAT 3500: WEEKLY HIRE RATE £ 59.00

The Robin SmartPAT 3000 is a simple to use manual PAT tester to hire which is ideal for carrying out basic tests on Class 1 and Class II double insulated appliances. It can test 110V and 240V appliances. Simple push button selection of the electrical safety tests: Earth Bond Continuity @ 100mA, 8A or 26A, Insulation Test @ 500V DC and Fuse Test

hire seaward europa pat testerSeaward Europa Plus: SPECIAL WEEKLY HIRE RATE £ 69.00

Simple fast menus help select the correct test sequence and automatically set the pass and fail levels for a wide range of portable appliances. A QWERTY keypad helps the input of appliance: sites, location, appliance numbers, user, descriptions, manufacturer, serial number etc. PAT test results can be stored. 

Robin SmartPAT 5500: WEEKLY HIRE RATE £ 59.00

The dual voltage SmartPAT 5500 is pre loaded with all of the most common test sequences for Class 1 and Class II appliances. It is fully  programmable allowing specific PAT test sequences to be set up and stored for particular appliance conditions. Individual tests eg. earth bond test can be performed at the press of a button. This PAT tester hire unit can store test results & has an integral floppy disk drive.

pat tester hire seaward supernovaSeaward Supernova: WEEKLY HIRE RATE £ 69.00

Top of the range portable appliance tester hire unit with qwerty keypad. Tests it can perform: Earth continuity @ 25A, 10A, 4A ; Earth Screen @ 100mA; DC Earth Bond +200mA/-200mA; Insulation Test @ 500V or 250V; Substitute Leakage, Load Test; Leakage; Touch Leakage; Polarity and Flash Testing. If you have 110V power tools to test this is the safety tester for you. 

Metrel Gamma PAT Tester WEEKLY HIRE RATE £ 59.00

A battery powered PAT tester with memory. Displays test results and Pass and Fail indications on green and red lights to make the testing simpler and faster. Has on screen help and a simple PAT testing mode if required. In built automatic test sequences for Class 1 earthed appliances, Class 2 double insulated appliances and PC's.

Do you require you test results downloading, saving you the time and hassle of setting everything up on your computer. We can now provide this service to everyone who hires a downloadable PAT Tester. Your PAT Test results will be e-mailed within 2 days of receiving the tester back to our premises. The format is up to you, Word.doc, Excel.zls, PDF.pdf, HTML.htm, Tiff.tif or Text.txt.To request this service just call us before you send the tester back to us or fill in the form within the tester documentation. The price for this service is only £19 + VAT

PAT Tester Hire from:                              

PAT Training Services Ltd
1 Aston Court
Town End Close
West Yorkshire
LS13 2AF

Please phone to check on availability on PAT Tester hire

Tel: 0113 248 9966         Fax: 0113 236 1006           email: sales@pat-tester-equipment.co.uk

Carriage charge to UK mainland is £10 and VAT will be added at 20%

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